So yeah, this is what I do, WordPress. Recapture a sadly receding youth in works of fanart from depressingly dated series. ALSO I STILL HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO UPLOAD MY WORDPRESS XANGA ARCHIVE EVEN THOUGH I HAVE IT NOW


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      1. (Sorry Liz for hijacking your comments! Hope you don’t mind if I reply to this person here)

        Yes, click on the link that says in the archives area of Xanga. It will download a zip file to your computer – I recommend having it download to your desktop for easy access.

        This part is if you have a Windows machine, sorry, I don’t know how to unzip files on Mac anymore it’s been so long: Unzip it by right clicking the file after it’s done downloading, and selecting “extract all”. Then hit the “extract” button. This will make a file on your desktop with the same name as the zip file, just missing a zipper on it.

        Once you’ve got it unzipped one way or another, there will be an XML file in that folder.

        Go to your WordPress Dashboard, click “Tools” in the menu to the left, then click “Import”. Select “WordPress” and then you will go to a page where you are prompted to upload your XML file.

        Hit “Choose file” and then navigate to the UNZIPPED folder on your desktop that has the XML file in it. Click on it and then click “open”. Then click “Upload file and import” button. Then sit back and wait a while because it will take time for it to import. Leave the tab open and do something else. Later open another tab and check your “all posts” area to make sure they’ve all been imported before you close out the import tab.

        Hope that makes sense and helps!

        – Lily

    1. That’d be awesome. I checked in the import field, but it doesn’t list Xanga as one of the importing options so I’m not sure where to upload the XML file. Any help you could offer would be great. Thanks!

      1. You’re on the right track! Just choose “WordPress” in the import field when uploading the Xanga XML file! That’s what I did and it worked perfectly, even imported all the pictures and comments. (I imported mine to a private WP for testing purposes just in case lol)

        It does take some time though and does it in chunks, so just to be safe I recommend leaving the page open and do something else for a while and come back after half an hour to an hour. Mine took about 15 minutes to be done importing but I didn’t have nearly as many pictures as you do on your Xanga. It also didn’t tell me when it was done, it got hung up. I just opened my WP dashboard in another tab to see if all the entries were there.

        Hope that helps!

        – Lily (BohemianLotus on Xanga)

  1. KandaNoctisKishimoto Raymond_Tengen says:

    Hey Liz, I successfully did it. Here are the steps:
    1) Log into your Xanga site and go to Settings
    2) On the left side under “Postings”, select “Xanga Archives” (2nd option)
    3) Press on “Update your archives”
    4) After that, logout, and log back in the next day repeating steps 1 and 2 above.
    5) If you should see several files in there, one of them is “”, download it and extract it.
    6) Log into your WordPress account (this one).
    7) Go to “My Blog Admin”, the page where there’s a grey pane with lots of icons. Go to “Tools (wrench icon)” and select “import”.
    8) In the list of links, select “WordPress” (2nd to last)
    9) Select the extracted file that you’ve downloaded and upload it there.
    10) All your Xanga posts should be imported, it may take a day max

    Looking forward to see more of your drawings!

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