Random update

1) I met the boyfriend’s immediate family yesterday for the first time… namely because they all just flew in from Peru yesterday, having immigrated to Canada. (Big change!) We all went to dinner at some Peruvian-Chinese place (yeah, you read that right. Chinese food… all Spanish menu. SO surprising… but totally delicious.)  I wasn’t sure what to expect, even though I’ve been helping him prep for this all week and then some. (Helped him find, clean and stock-up their new apartment, etc… it’s been just EXHAUSTING, especially for him). Anyway, his parents seemed nice, but sort of distant. I think it’s probably due to the language barrier and the jet-lag, not to mention the cultural adjustment. (I mean, they DID only just get here yesterday.) Anyway, they were chill though, but what surprised me most were his siblings. He has a younger brother (8) and younger sister (11) and contrarily to my predisposed intense dislike of children, they were an absolute delight, honestly. They were actually the ones who made me feel comfortable with all the Spanish flying around. (I can understand it if it’s slow, and speak the basics, but still… when you get a whole latino family together it’s like a verbal hurricane for me, hah.) His sister was incredibly patient and generous with speaking slowly in Spanish and asking me questions and such… and we actually had many conversations. Super bright, friendly kid. The little brother is your typical adorable little imp… he was shy at first, but gradually opened up. In French, he’s what I’d call “tannant” (it means annoying, but in a cute, child-like way). Anyway, super cute the both of them, and I had a great time. 

2) I don’t want to jinx it but I’ve had a great morning so far. I forgot how nice it is to bike to work… I haven’t done much of that lately because of a variety of things, including construction on the bike path (can’t even escape it on a bike, dammit) and mostly: morning laziness, I have to admit. It IS a 45-60 minute ride each time and CAN suck if the wind is in your face along the water… so it’s kind of daunting for me, the least morning person (potentially of all time) to face being ACTIVE so friggin’ early. Still, I’m always glad when I do manage to do it. Plus, I got in early and was able to finish part of a HUGE file I’m working on so yay. 

3) Yesterday evening, I went to a career counselor’s appointment in my neighborhood. I’m done being passive about my dislike of my job… and it’s time I took control of my future. Anyway, after the lady gave me a WHOLE bunch of links and ideas in terms of an illustration career, I feel a bit overwhelmed, but also very encouraged. I’m finally starting down the path I want to be on, even though I’m still in school. This made me realize though, how disconnected I am with the Quebec art scene, and how much I want to be part of it. (I mean, she gave me links to ALL KINDS of illustration groups I had no idea existed… though probably because they are in French) I feel a renewed hope for my future as an artist… something I haven’t really felt in a long time; though I’ve realized I will have to work harder than I have been. Do more research, schmooze with more people, work on more projects. We’ll see, but so far, this is a very good thing. For those of you living in Quebec (if any) I highly recommend this place, called Carrefour Emploi Jeunesse, by the way. There are many in various neighborhoods across the province who are there to help you with your career and such… all for free. 

4) Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do. 

Random update

5 thoughts on “Random update

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’ve decided to do more about using your artwork as a job. Schmoozing–yuck! I suppose it’s something you have to do to be successful in the arts.

  2. Good luck! A few years ago, I went through a career transition that has some similarities to what you seem to be going through, and it’s much easier to enjoy my days when I’m doing something in the field of what I do best. I hope you come out on the other side with the job you love.

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