Out of touch

I have to admit, this is no Xanga. 

I’ve had trouble keeping up with everything in the blogging realm of things, mostly because I had fallen into a habit and a sort of online family with Xanga, and WordPress’ feel just isn’t the same. I find it more tedious to do basic things, like FINDING THE DAMNED FRONT PAGE OF MY BLOG and well, I don’t like it as much. That being said, I’m not willing to cough up 40 bucks (or however much it is) for Xanga 2.0. 

Couple that with the fact that I was placed in a THREE PERSON office last month, I haven’t really had the opportunity to check up here much lately, not to mention that school and work have been really intense since September. I don’t even know where the time is going. I just wanted to mention that I’m sorry for having been bad with follow-up, especially to those that I DO know, around here.


Anyway,  I’m depressed, but that’s nothing new and/or noteworthy. It’s kind of my status quo and I’ve learned to live with it, because nobody wants to hear about it (understandably) after a while. 

My personal life is great, on a more positive note: my boyfriend is wonderful. Honestly, I don’t feel like I deserve him, but I’m not gonna question awesome things, if they should feel like hanging with me. Everything else is pretty much unmoving. I’m broke, out-of-shape, job-hunting, stuck in school never-land and artistically depleted/uninspired. 

I’m kind of bad at life, but I’m worse at changing. 

I’m thirty in just over a month… and I haven’t much to show for it. 

But I only have myself to blame. 

Anyway. YEAH I BET YOU MISSED MY NEGATIVE BULLSHIT RIGHT (ok, back to reality now) 

Out of touch

17 thoughts on “Out of touch

  1. Bran MacFeabhail says:

    It’s no xanga, that’s for sure. :\

    I wouldn’t worry so much about 30 as the other stuff. The best is yet to come. You’re in a rut. I’m in a rut. We’re all in a rut together. Things will get better. Go draw trees in the park until you want to throw up, maybe some good will come of it. 😀

    (And you DO feel like you deserve him, because you haven’t dumped him yet 😛 )

  2. Even Xanga doesn’t let you find the front page anymore. It no longer exists. What you get now is a big stream of posts from your subs that takes hours to scroll and sift through. And there are no notifications that let you know if anyone’s replied to you on their posts, no messages, pretty much no anything that old Xanga used to have. I’m super disappointed in it. I much prefer free WP over new Xanga.

  3. Dent says:

    Some of us that have ditched Xanga are staying in touch on the dreaded Facebook. Posting links to our WP posts and such. Almost using it like the Universal Inbox.

  4. Ahhhhh! Don’t become too discouraged! I just realized that my subscription settings were all off so that’s why I wasn’t receiving any emails!! I’ll definitely try to keep in touch with you – please keep on writing, I adore reading your authentic, honest posts!

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