The Destruction of the Great Barrier Reef: it’s time to give a damn

There are so many damned problems with the world. It’s why I have so much trouble living in it. What makes it tolerable for me, is the natural world. Animals, plants, etc… specifically, the oceans. But hey, this (not) just in: we’re fucking that up too.

Usually I choose to indulge those helpless feelings and do nothing but feel bitter about humanity (and myself)… but after reading about what’s going on in Australia with the Great Barrier Reef.. something shifted inside me. Something horrible. Take a moment to check this out:

In short, the Australian Government is allowing the construction of pipelines that will most likely cause a HUGE percentage of destruction to the Great Barrier Reef. You know those moments when you just… “can’t”? Textbook “can’t”: I couldn’t understand it, couldn’t stomach it, couldn’t believe it. I was speechless. The GBR is something I have marveled at my entire life, as a fan of marine biology and simply as citizen of the world. And yes, I know there are more pressing problems at home and such, and I do what I can. But still: The GBR really is a jewel on the global scale, and these asshats are using all of their resources to try and destroy it as sneakily as possible, because they KNOW it’s wrong. They know. 

When I read that, something inside me died. And if I’m being dramatic… it’s because this IS FUCKING DRAMATIC. Everyone SHOULD be concerned. Of all the bad things I keep reading.. about how we are killing each other and the planet, it was THIS, for some reason, that broke me. I realized that truly; NOTHING apparently, is sacred. Not even the world’s most wondrous ecosystem. Even IT has a price tag, and those in power can ALWAYS seemingly slither down to new lows.

Still, I wrote a letter. I’m a powerless, bitter and whiny individual. But I wrote a damned letter. And you should too.

In this season of consumerism and in our lifetime of wasteful, destructive, habits… do a little good. I don’t care if it’s about this or any other issue, but goddamn it, do something, sometimes. I’ve had enough of feeling ashamed of my species. I’ll never be able to get away from that self-loathing… because I truly do think we are a despicable little race of mindless monkeys that will eventually do ourselves in… but still, as idiotic as we all are collectively, individual gestures can sometimes change things. If a bitter wannabe-hippie like me can take five minutes to do it, you can too.

Here’s my own letter, if you need a model. It’s not even very good, but I spoke from the heart. If we could get a few hundred people writing letters, maybe it will make a difference. Maybe not… but I’d rather have tried than watched idly.

Write Australia’s Environment Minister, the “Honorable”(my ass) Greg Hunt at:  It’s a small gesture, but maybe, let’s remind him that the entire world is watching him fuck up one of the most beautiful natural things on the planet. Deliberately.

“Minister Hunt,  

I am a Canadian citizen, environmental activist, sustainable design student and more importantly, one of many citizens of the world in awe of your country’s rich natural heritage. Like many others from here, it is my dream to someday visit your shores and experience the natural beauty of your country for myself, and many of my friends already have. I am sure you realize that the Great Barrier Reef is a source of wonder for not only Australians, but for the entire world.
I recently read the following article on National Geographic’s news site: and was immensely troubled, concerning the go-ahead given to Gladstone Port for the construction of new pipelines that could irreversibly damage the reef. I cannot believe that the powers that be in your country could allow such a risk to be taken, on an ecosystem millions of years in the making. Its destruction will cause a domino effect the consequences of which would likely be irreversible, on the global biosphere. The Great Barrier Reef is literally the ONLY ONE of its kind. I’m sure you know this, but if these undertakings are going ahead, I think it merits repeating. It is the ONLY REEF OF ITS KIND. With respect, this isn’t to be taken lightly, is it?
Please, as one person making a direct, personal plea to you, Minister Hunt, on behalf of many who love marine life, if you care anything for future generations, if you care anything for your country, for the environment and for the natural splendor gracing your very own backyard; if you have a human conscience, do not allow this to happen. Do not condone the construction of more coal and natural gas lines which would endanger the reef. The entire world is watching, and worried. Many of us are powerless to make any real changes… but you are not. Please, do the right thing and stop this from happening. 
Help push the government to invest in a better way forward, alternative clean energy sources, etc.Please help avert the potentially worst ecological disaster and tragedy of our time.  
Please, for the love of the few natural marvels left in this world, for the love of your fellow humans, have a heart and stop this.  
Thank you for your time. 
An extremely concerned Canadian, 
Elizabeth Lee”

Thanks for reading. </self-righteous blog>

The Destruction of the Great Barrier Reef: it’s time to give a damn

6 thoughts on “The Destruction of the Great Barrier Reef: it’s time to give a damn

  1. I haven’t read about the pipeline, but I have read that climate change is warming the water so much that the corals are dying. It’s another problem with using fossil fuels. I write letters once in awhile, when I am sufficiently pissed off. Does it do any good? Who can tell? Maybe lots and lots of people are writing and one more letter is the one that convinces.

  2. When I read that my jaw literally dropped. I mean, how can they do that? That’s like one of the biggest THINGS there are, of the important things, and I just… I don’t know. To me it’s almost like saying “Ok let’s get some bulldozers and knock down stonehenge”. I just don’t even know what to say. Unbelievable.

  3. I asked 3 Australians about this: nobody seemed to care or know anything particular about it. The current prime minister doesn’t believe in climate change and he has recently proposed shutting down the climate change commission!

  4. That is absolutely SICKENING. Reminds me of the time the BP oil spill happened. They’re allowing the degradation of a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Un-f*cking-believable.

    This is not being self-righteous. This is being a concerned and active citizen of Earth. It’s the only planet we have. And I thought Australians were pretty environmentally friendly (the last time I visited, they had systems in place to signify their involvement)! So disappointing. I was about to ask if I, as a US citizen, could write a letter to the Australian PM, but then I remembered that you’re a Canadian so… thank you so much for the heads up.

    More people definitely need to know about this.

  5. Reblogged this on Literary Liquorice and commented:
    The environmental issue of the year. Straight up in the ranks of the Keystone XL pipeline and the BP oil spill. Needs to go on the front page of the international news and stay there instead of the homicides I always see. If you have a heart you will read this.

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