Work woes

Sooooo, I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, but since I now share an office with two other people, it’s become almost impossibly difficult to write directly about work. I mean, they could literally just spin their swirly chair around and be like “Yo, that looks like my name on a public blogging platform…” Not that I would use actual names, but still. 

Point being:


Anyway, the situation is as follows: I work with a colleague who constantly undermines everything that I do.

It’s been going on since last Spring, literally… where I used to be in charge of this large project we’re working on (in charge of logistics anyway) and when she was necessarily brought in to “assist”, she slowly but surely took over. I got over that part of it, because I’m not the most organized person ever, and I don’t spend time butting heads with egomaniacs. If she wanted to do thrice the work, I let her, in short. Fuck it. I still did what I had to do, and just let her have her workaholic credit. I admit I struggled with this at first, but after council from a trusted work friend, I let it go. The people who matter know what I do around here, anyway.

Since then, I’ve been able to develop a reasonably good working relationship with this person. She’s definitely taken more of a leadership role (part of her OCD nature, I would say…) and I let her because honestly, I’m not willing to give up my weekends or evenings (as she is) and I’m done feeling guilty for working a normal amount of hours to the best of my ability, and yet having it insinuated that it isn’t enough.  And anyway, I made peace with this because my mental health is more important than fighting for position like hens over a piece of corn. She now has her coordinator title, and that makes her happy, and a relative office cease-fire has been ongoing since late autumn. That’s not to say I’m a total pushover, because I do let her know when she gets too uppity (I call her on bullshit quite often) but in general, I let it slide… and it had been relatively quiet for the past few months.

While I thought that the status quo was still de mise, I’ve noticed that lately her tactics have restarted again, and in even more underhanded ways than before. A few examples include changing documents that I’ve drafted on the shared drive to reflect how SHE thinks they should be done, without telling me (included graphs I’ve spent HOURS on)… Conveniently “forgetting” to send out important e-mails, which reflect poorly on me if they are not sent out in a timely manner while she replaces me during my classes…or sending out e-mails that I’ve drafted with documents that I’ve drafted in her name, amidst a slew of other things. She also did everything in her power to slam the hotel suggestions I had for an upcoming conference we are planning… and at every opportunity would tell me how “crappy and “too modern” the space is” claiming it looks like “a place for freakin’ art exhibitions” (and the problem with that is???) … only to eventually go over my head and book another place entirely, even though I had booked another place as suggested by my boss. Goes without saying that she spun it in such a way that our superiors ate it up.

I guess it’s my fault at this point because the fact is, she’s a workaholic and I’m not. She’s a credit-whore and I’m not. I don’t believe in manipulative bullshit, but she does. And it’s my fault because while I choose not to engage, I DO care, sometimes… But it’s not worth it.

Anyway, I got another offer from my favorite printshop. It’s a considerable pay cut, and it will be a struggle.. but I think I’m going to do it because fark this hospital, fark the political, conniving office shenanigans bullshit, and yay experience in my field.

It’s just.. ugh. Irritating sometimes.

Work woes

4 thoughts on “Work woes

  1. Bran MacFeabhail says:

    Sounds like you’ve made up your mind. 😉 Go for it. I think you be more inspired artistically since you won’t always be preoccupied with a job you hate.

  2. What Bran said. ^^ I always favor not being in a toxic working environment, because it drains energy needed for creative, life-affirming endeavors. Good luck. I’ve only been reading your blog since not too terribly long before Xanga’s demise, but as another creative person, I’m rooting for you.

  3. mrandisg says:

    A printshop wants you?! YAY! Go for it!!! I know you would be sooo much happier. Better pay NEVER equals a better job. I speak from experience! One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was leaving a part-time, minimum-wage job where I was perfectly happy (Office Depot–I could have lived there! lol) for one that offered higher pay and was full-time. That job caused MAJOR damage to my psyche! Not to mention, it’s also partly to blame for my deterioration in physical health. The stress gave me serious stomach issues, from which I still suffer to this day.

    I have only recently lucked out in finding a job that is both well-paying and emotionally fulfilling, and even now I am still struggling financially, b/c I have yet to master the art of saving enough money to survive the gap between semesters! lol But I couldn’t be happier, and that’s the point. I’m doing something I love. If they were to cut my pay down to minimum wage tomorrow (or hell, even below!), I would still work at my beloved GNTC. No job is ever perfect–I have my little pet peeves about it, but who doesn’t have at least one pet peeve about their job?–but the only way I would ever leave this job is if, God forbid, they fired me. And I’m not about to let that happen! lol

    Sorry for that little digression, but seriously, I am very happy for you. I hope you will take that job and that it will lead you to your happiness. Believe me, there are worse things than being financially challenged. And hey, financial challenges are creative fuel! 😀

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