Well, that was weird

Today was a whirlwind. Just like that, I saw my Doctor…. Was examined, answered a few questions… Saw a few people, made a few calls… And now I am on work leave for a month. It’s time to re-examine and feel better.

Well, that was weird

6 thoughts on “Well, that was weird

  1. I hope everything is OK. I haven’t been very good at keeping up with people’s blogs recently because I’ve been struggling with health issues but I did read the last few to catch up.

    Work leave for a month sounds pretty serious, are you OK?

    ~ Lily

  2. Bran MacFeabhail says:

    Wow…I hope it’s nothing too serious, but the time off will be a good time to figure some things out and recharge 🙂

  3. mamew says:

    Good for you… I hope! If you are not feeling well, being in a poisonous atmo at work certainly is not good for the health!

  4. mrandisg says:

    Hope you’re all right and that everything works out. At least you have a good amount of time to rest up and rejuvenate 🙂 Take advantage!

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