I know I haven’t updated in Donkey’s Years and I certainly have a lot of updating to do. It’s been a tough couple of months, and I often felt too overwhelmed to write or draw or talk about ANYTHING. But one person was there for me the entire time, and I want to use whatever means necessary to help him out. 



This is Carlos. Carlos is my wonderful, adorable, nerdy boyfriend. And this post is about helping him out. 

I don’t do this often except for causes I believe in, and the ones I believe in most are usually my friends and loved ones. As such, I wanted to make a plea. 

My adorable, cute, nerdy boyfriend Carlos was selected to go to the World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco. The WWDC is an annual week-long event for up-and-coming game and software developers which features workshops, labs, conferences and networking. It’s a very prestigious event, and very difficult to get into… it usually sells out in 2 minutes, just to give you an idea. This year they changed their format to allow randomly-selected participants, and my boyfriend was lucky enough to be selected to purchase a ticket. 

Yah, you caught that, right? You can only be SELECTED to BUY a ticket. A1600$ ticket (plus expenses for travel, hotel, etc. NOTHING is included). That’s very steep for us, as students… and most participants have the financial backing of some huge gaming company or something, so it’s really tough for runts like us. That said, I promised to try hard and make this dream come true for him, so we’ve created a GoFundMe page and we’re going to give this our best shot.

If you have it in your heart (and wallet, I guess) to donate some money, even just a little bit, it would mean the world to us. Carlos is extremely motivated and hardworking, and I have no doubt that he’ll make it in the industry (he’s already interned at Ubisoft, and is going back there in the summer for more work) but the chance to go to WWDC would help him along quite a bit.

If you can donate independently, that would be great, but I am also offering commissions which I will split with him 50/50 (and probably more). (Email me at, if you’d like a fundraising commission). 

To donate, please visit his page:

If you can’t donate, please, PLEASE, signal boost! Thanks for helping the most wonderful person in my life accomplish one of his dreams!




  1. mrandisg says:

    Is it too late to signal boost this? I wish I could donate myself, but my brat’s birthday and Easter on consecutive weekends ripped a huge hole in my checking account that will take a chunk out of my next paycheck to repair. When is the deadline for this? I hope he gets to/was able to go. It sounds pretty awesome.

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