International Women’s Week Feature# 1| Meg Lee

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Granted, this blog has been defunct for more time than I can excuse, for lack of passion and purpose. Hence what better reason to revive it than International Women’s Day (or week), an event that provokes and demands both in this humble writer and artist? I’ve been trying to find ways through which to exercise my power as a conscious citizen and activist, and have long neglected blogging as an efficient platform from which to do so, due to past failures… but honestly, after thinking long and hard about it, this is truly the ideal place to speak my mind.  Or better yet, extol the virtues of those women who inspire, delight and motivate me to be a better person. As the very aptly-named motto of International Women’s Day dictates, this week, I’m gonna #makeithappen, even in a small way.

As such, I’ll be featuring one special woman every day this week, of those I am fortunate enough to know, who are changing the world just by virtue of being who they are.

The first on the list, is none other than my sister Meg, who is a constant source of empowerment and inspiration for me.

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She’s travelled the world and left it a better place in her wake, through her strength of character, hard-working spirit and constant drive to challenge herself and the views of those around her. She is currently President of the Trinity College Graduate Student’s Union in Dublin, Ireland, where she represents students and gives them a voice, as well as champions various causes like LGBTQ and women’s rights. She has also been the President of the University of Montreal Law Faculty’s Amnesty International chapter, and volunteered extensively through the Cambodia Volunteer Foundation, among others.

Of note: She is the one who inspired me to feature great women this week, because of everything she does as a humanitarian and as a person.

Aside from her numerous academic and professionals distinctions, she is a strong and kind-hearted person with an endless amount of talent and passion. She taught me the value of loving yourself and others, persevering, and the importance of challenging yourself.

So here’s to a great woman, sister, and all-around badass who is definitely going to #makeithappen.

International Women’s Week Feature# 1| Meg Lee

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