International Women’s Week Feature #3 : Ali

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I’ve chosen to revive this blog through positivity; by featuring the most inspirational women I know for the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th.

As such, I’ll be featuring one special woman every day this week of those I am fortunate enough to know, who are changing the world just by virtue of being who they are.

The third person I wanted to feature this week is the just insanely talented Ali Trotta. A US-based writer, editor, poet and all out writing goddess, Ali’s already published two books and is an unstoppable force of beautiful words.

Ali Trotta, writer and poet

I had to pleasure of meeting her online, believe it not, through a community of bloggers (another writing platform she happens to excel at). Every day she dedicates herself completely to her passion for the written word, and posts ever-inspiring and thoughtful pieces for the world to enjoy. Through reading, writing and exchanging ideas and thoughts, we developed a great friendship which has lasted over 7 years (and which will persist whether you like it or not, by the way, my dear.)

Ali is a creative and personal inspiration to me, as she is one of the strongest and most generous souls I have ever encountered. Full of kindness, passion, a wit sharp enough to slice bread and a true gift for listening, she’s pulled me through some very tough times, and made me a stronger person for it. Always encouraging and absolutely dedicated to those she loves, she’s always there… and I mean that literally: ALWAYS there, day, night, rain or shine, to lend an ear, a piece of advice or a laugh. She’s independent, absurdly talented, and just a joy to be around, if you’re lucky enough to have her as a friend.

She’s an old soul in the body of a lovely spitfire of a woman, and it’s with great delight that I salute Ali for International Women’s Week

PS: Check out her work here, and buy a book here!

International Women’s Week Feature #3 : Ali

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