International Women’s Day Feature #4 : Catie

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I’ve chosen to revive this blog through positivity; by featuring the most inspirational women I know for the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th.

As such, I’ll be featuring one special woman every day this week (almost; I’m a busy chick myself), of those I am fortunate enough to know, who are changing the world just by virtue of being who they are.

The fourth woman I wanted to feature this week is my youngest sister Catie.

Girl holding a puppy

Catie is still a student brimming with potential, and to quote a somewhat tired old proverb, the world is her oyster.

What’s amazing about Catie is her spontaneously positive reaction to things; she approaches every task with such a matter-of-fact optimism that makes no task seems too daunting or impossible, whether it’s a math problem or her next creative project.  And tasks and projects she has, because she has a taste for everything; if it’s a challenge and it’s fun, or even better, if someone said she couldn’t do it, she’s probably out there doing it, and being better at it than anyone. She’s one of the most generous people I know, going the extra mile whether it through time spent, or creating dozens of custom Christmas cards and hand-crafted items, her care of others and her zest for living are something I personally find amazing.

Catie has also inspired me with her journey towards coming out; she faced the challenge with courage and patience towards those who had questions, and though it daunted her I’m sure far more than she let on, she accomplished it with her usual capacity to take anything in stride and deal with things more maturely than her age. She’s an old soul, that way.

That said, the most wonderful thing about Catie is her sense of humor. No matter how brief the moment is that I am spending with her, I can guarantee I will burst out laughing at least once, whether it’s a well-timed comment, a geeky reference or a side-splitting snapchat.

Long story short, she is a brilliant and zesty young woman whose future I don’t have to anticipate; I already know it’s going to be met, challenged and whipped into shape with her usual humor, kindness and creativity. I am positive she will change the world, and am proud to salute her for International Women’s Week.


International Women’s Day Feature #4 : Catie

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