I can be impulsive and irresponsible. I can be selfish and take other people’s understanding for granted. I have trouble putting myself in others’ shoes. I lose perspective in the face of pretty things and worldly distractions. I get wrapped up in moments to the point of neglect.

 But I have never mean to hurt anyone. It is no excuse.

I will become a better person. 
I will learn, and hope that I can do a little better with each lesson.
To those who’ve had the unfortunate task of educating me; I’m sorry. I am not a great pupil. I make a lot of mistakes. I am unreliable and sensitive. And it hurts unbelievably that I’ve disappointed you, and that I’ll probably continue to do so. I’ve never been the most mature of people.
But my heart is in the right place. It always is…Though if only in the backseat. 

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