As a Canadian I don’t have much right to say anything about this, but for real… I am so distraught today.

I can’t believe Trump happened.

I can’t believe a guy who condones sexism, racism, and the discrimination of minority groups was elected to the most powerful office on Earth, arguably.


I guess it’s time to give up. The world really has gone to shit.


6 thoughts on “SERIOUSLY?

  1. fatimayousuf says:

    You have every right to talk about and have an opinion on this! Trump’s policies will not just affect America, but the entire world.

    Hopefully the people elected to Senate and the House will have a little bit of sense and prevent Trump from implementing his disastrous policies.

    You’re lucky you aren’t living in the U.s right now, though!

    1. Yeah, I have to admit it’s a pretty scary prospect to live there, if I’m thinking of all my US friends. Still, the same kind of Trumpist mentality is alive and well in Canada. Already alt-right propaganda has been spreading in our big cities, and there have been a number of aggressive acts already, in the name of emulating Trump. I am scared for the future of the world.

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