One of those days

Same shit, different day.

This is one of those days where I’m having trouble staying on top of it. Staying even remotely human, never mind positive.

I have no motivation. No direction. No self-love, today.

It’s all anxiety and hopelessness. The days have been melting into one another, and I’m just left feeling pointless and old. Worn.

I’m having trouble faking to everyone that cares about me that I’m fine. I haven’t been fine for months. There are bleeps of happiness of course, but the rest of the time, when I’m left to my thoughts… I’m really just a mess. Worse than I’ve ever been. Just anxious, existential and literally feeling like my chest will explode with frustration.

I want to do something about it, or with it… but my mind is just a jumbled mess of false-starts and half-formed ideas.

I just don’t know.

One of those days

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